We are your virtual clinic

All your health data in your hands

Your treatments – doctors – prescriptions – medical records – nutrition – physio – in one tidy app

Online consultations 24/7

  • Videocall and chat with a doctor, whenever you need it
  • No more missed treatments because you can’t get an appointment
  • No more long waits or walks to your local clinic

Online treatments

  • Get online prescriptions of anything from medicine to meditations, nutrition, exercises, call back visits and more
  • Pre and post-treatment follow up so you never slip out of treatment
  • Automatic notifications so you never forget your medicine
  • Prescriptions renewed and delivered automatically

Family + Friends

  • Worried about an elderly relative who forgets their medicine?
  • Our medicine reminder is fail-safe and easy to use
  • Our “buddy system” notifies you if they slip out of treatment, so you can get them back on track
  • Sleep well at night, knowing your family is safe

Clinical records

  • Finally, access all your medical records
  • No more lost paperwork – full transparency
  • Blockchain encrypted in your own cloud-based health vault
  • You control what clinic has access and for how long

On all platforms


Add wearables and sensors and monitor your health


All your health data synchronised, in your hand


All your health data protected by world-class encryption.

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