Erectile dysfunction / impotence

Erectile dysfunction, formerly called impotence, occurs when a man doesn’t – or cannot – maintain erection during sexual intercourse. APPOTEK can help you with erectile dysfunction.


Having erection problems from time to time is quite normal. Most men occasionally have problems with potency, caused by stress, anxiety or alcohol. However, if you have difficulty getting – or maintaining – an erection at least 25% of time during sex, you may have erectile dysfunction. Older men are affected more often than younger men, because of illnesses that affect potency.


The most common causes of erectile dysfunction are psychological. But there are also physical factors that can lead to dysfunction, for example, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, Peyronie’s disease or obesity. Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be caused by a combination of these factors.
Below you will find some common causes.


Psychological causes:


  • negative sexual experiences
  • social anxiety
  • relationship problems 
  • mental illness
  • stress
  • grief


Physical causes:


  • alcohol 
  • side effects of medicines
  • diabetes
  • smoking
  • cardiovascular diseases
  • increased age
  • nerve damage, for example after accidents.

Prevention and protection

Avoid drinking too much alcohol or using nicotine as these negatively affect potency. Physical activities can positively affect your potency, as they improve blood circulation and can boost erectile function.


Talk-therapy is an effective treatment method when problems are caused by psychological factors. Vacuum pumps can be used to stimulate an erection. There are also various medicine treatments. Medicines are given in the form of tablets or as a local treatment. Surgery is rarely used to cure erectile dysfunction, but it can be performed to increase blood flow to the penis. Penis implants, liquid-filled cylinders of silicone, can also be used to give an erection.

When to consult a doctor

If erectile problems are not caused by stress, anxiety or alcohol use and occur frequently, or if you are worried about the issue, you should seek help.

How APPOTEK can help

  • Consulting
  • Psychological treatment
  • Individual assessment and prescriptions if needed.

Valeria Chernikova, Neurologist, M.D.