Itching of the abdomen


Many women feel that itch in the genital area at some point in their lives. There are various reasons for what itching in the genital area may be due to, but there is a treatment to be had.


That itching in the genital area can be very troublesome. You may also experience burning, swelling, redness and irritation or floods from the abdomen.


There are two main causes of itching in the abdomen, irritated mucous membranes or a bacterial imbalance in the abdomen. An imbalance in bacterial flora can occur due to antibiotic treatment, pregnancy or prolonged labor. Imbalance in the bacterial flora produces either fungal infection or bacterial vaginosis that is treated differently but has similar symptoms. If the mucous membranes have been irritated, it may be due to shaving, intercourse, laundry detergent, some type of fabric in the underwear or washing too often in the abdomen. Less common causes of itching of the abdomen are scabies , flatulence or some skin diseases.


If you have been diagnosed with a fungal infection, you can first try non-prescription drugs that can be bought at pharmacies. Lactobacteria that can be purchased without a prescription can also help. If you have tried non-prescription drugs and the trouble persists, there is an antibiotic treatment specifically for bacterial vaginosis. Both fungal infection and bacterial vaginosis disappear after about a week of treatment. For other reasons why itching in the abdomen is good to wear more loose-fitting underwear, not to use soap when washing the abdomen, use plenty of razor and lubricant for intercourse.

When to seek care

Itch in the genital area and you have tried non-prescription drugs without results, you should seek care. The same thing if you have relapses from the genital area that do not go over. If you are being treated for fungal infection of the genital area but the itching persists or if you have had a fungal infection more than twice in six months, you should also seek treatment.

What we at APPOTEK can help you with

If you have been diagnosed with fungal infection of the genital area before and recognize the problems, our doctors can help you with advice and prescriptions. If, on the other hand, it is the first time you experience a malady, we recommend that you contact a physical care provider for assessment and treatment.