Renew prescriptions

At APPOTEK, you can get help renewing prescriptions – even the prescriptions that you have received from a healthcare provider other than APPOTEK. As soon as your request is approved by a doctor, the prescription is ready to be picked up at the nearest pharmacy.

The prerequisites for us to renew a prescription is that the current drug is included on the national drug list (at the eHealth Agency you can read more about the drug list) of your extracted prescriptions in the last 15 months and that we have your permission to verify this. A doctor with us assesses whether you are in continued need of prescription drugs and also determines the number of drugs to be prescribed. Since the treatment with medicines usually requires regular follow-up, we only renew prescriptions for a shorter time.

We also refer prescription renewals from specialist care to relevant specialist doctors.

Our doctors do not prescribe prescription drugs or potentially addictive drugs, nor do they use licenses or highly specialized drugs.

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Joakim Röstlund, Medically responsible physician